Sext, Christmas Eve

Somehow there’s a bit more sorrow in the air as the hidden sun gets lower in the sky, making the already leaden blanket above simply fade to black. The trees outside are still either shedding their autumn finery or stark naked against the cold wind and December drizzle. There are a few holly standing sentinel outside the window and plenty of palms scattered about but for the most part the full desolation of Advent is upon us, stark and pleading for the coming of the Saviour

The antiphons of the Chapter, Verse and Response for Sext ring out loud and clear, giving the whole denuded and desolate earth, a perfect metaphor for the world before and without the Incarnation, some reason for hope:


We keep hearing ” Tomorrow”, tomorrow the wickedness of the earth shall be blotted out, tomorrow salvation shall be yours. We throw ourselves along with all of Creation into wintry longing for the First and Second Coming of our Lord.


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