Tone 6 Kontakion


Troparion and Kontakion 6th Tone

Oftentimes something jumps out at me from some part of the service books and today it happens to be the sixth tone Kontakion.

With the hand that originated life, Christ our God,the Giver of Life,raised up all the dead out of the dark valleys,as He bestowed resurrection upon the human race; for He is the Saviour of all, the Resurrection and the Life and the God of all.

One thing I love about the texts of the services in the Orthodox Church are how theologically rich they are, and how simply praying them over time literally gives you an education and an initiation into the deepest mysteries of the Christian Faith.

Right in this Kontakion is captured the essence of who Jesus Christ is and what His ” trampling down death by death” means. All this richness and depth, and only from one small prayer!



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